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Stay in touch with your Vehicle and your Business

GPS - Track and Trace - Fleet Management - Anti Theft Security



Securilux security and tracking since 2005

Since the rise of GPS, Securilux has always sold products for securing and tracking your fleet.

For any type of vehicle; bicycle, car, truck, containers, we have the right tracking and security systems.

Due to the versatility of our range, we have a solution for anything that moves.

Together with the products, securilux also provides the associated services.

We choose our partners with care. Partners who are specialized in a certain field.

Our customers are businesses, insurance companies, government agencies and private people. As a customer, you will receive a complete service. We take care of the full logistics of the customer. A service provision from quote to service after the sale. Offering education and technical support through the help desk and support.

Improve your fleet. Our driving force is to make your vehicles more intelligent, more comfortable and secure. We work with a network of distributors of specialized installers, garages and importers. In short, professionals in their field. All prices are free of obligation upon request. Securilux, your project and fleet partner

A good management of your car fleet is cost effective, optimizing and security increasing.

A secure feeling for yourself and your insurance. At the request of various companies, we continuously work on the integration of external software. Technology is evolving, and so are our solutions.

Web applications compatible with all operating systems. iOS, Android and other mobile software. Data collection bar code and RFID. Satellite communication: Iridium, Inmarsat, Thuraya...


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